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Sean will be bringing copies of his step by step book, Ghouls, gore and more! as well as his FABA TV DVD's to the workshop.  These as well as some awesome items will be available for purchase.

Attend all 3 classes and you will get a book and DVD for free!

Toronto 2015

presented by Dotsy's Entertainment Company

This is a safe, fun, friendly environment with an emphasis on getting you more work in the future.  Learn professional designs and multiple techniques and effects.  We have put a lot of work and thought into these workshops all with one thing in mind, bringing our love for face and body painting to the world.  We love Face and Body Painting.  We love it.  We believe in positivity and hold it as a very important value.  We  believe that the most positive way for us to help the industry to thrive is by encouraging your personal growth as an artist and a business person.  Benefit from Sean's experience and wealth of knowledge.  Check out Sean's WORKSHOP PHILOSOPHY to learn more about the experience ahead.

Who is Sean Avram?

This video introduction from Skin Wars will tell you a lot.  Meeting Sean in person is even more awesome, or so I've been told. ;)

Sean's enthusiasm and coaching will ignite your creativity and give you some new tools in your tool box to expand your portfolio and abilities.  

Sean is an experienced face and body painting instructor.  He has taught at: FABAIC, FABA-TV, The East Coast Convention, Fabulas, the Midwest Haunter's convention, CHAC, EFABE, the UK Convention just to name a few.


Dotsy's Entertainment Company will be on site with a satellite shop for you to restock your supplies and save shipping costs!

Workshop Pricing - Registration can be made at www.dotsytheclown.com

$175 (USD) - day class

$275 (USD) - 2 day class (free book)

$375 (USD)- all 3 days + Free Step by step book and DVD!


Special Appearance at the Toronto Clown Alley Meeting - February 23 


Tuesday February 24

The Fast and the Furios - Speed upu your game, painting faster means making more money, but don't sacrifice quality! Sean will guide you through some easy stream-lines that will boost your revenue and teeach some high-impact, fast designs that will have your audience raving. 



Airbrush Boot Camp - This class is for anyone who wants to super-charge their airbrush skills.  You do not need to be a face and body artist to take this class. The techniques are universal and work on everything from murals to cupcakes.  This class is about the airbrush itself and will teach you everything you need to know about the usage, cleaning and maintenance of this magical tool.  We will tear the airbrush apart to get an adept understanding of it’s inner workings so that we may troubleshoot the inevitable breakdown your airbrush will occasionally experience.  We will cover the basics of all the capabilities of the airbrush, Line work, dots, shading, and several special tricks, textures and fx that will astound you.  Equipment is provided, or feel free to bring your own stuff.  If you have an airbrush that isn't working please bring it.  If Sean can’t fix it, no one can.


Body Painting for PortfolioHere is the beginning of your body paint legacy.  This class focuses in on the essentials of body painting and the creation of your body painting portfolio.  This is a hands on class.  You can paint by hand, airbrush or both!  By the end of the day, everyone who takes the class will have a portfolio quality body paint image to show off to friends, attract clients and intimidate your frenemies.

You will paint along with Sean on your own body paint project.  In the end this image will be yours.  Artistic techniques taught in this class include but are not limited to Sponge, Brush and Airbrush: texture fx, depth, detail, illustration, highlighting and shading. And then there's all the other Information in class will include, how to find models, what products to use, where to paint, how to break in to the professional scene, getting your work published, copyright and legal issues, health and safety, caring for your model, tricks of the trade, design secrets and the list could go on all day.  This class is great for anyone, especially those who have never body painted before.  MORE>>>