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To Air is Human! All I know about Airbrush Body Painting

Why use an Airbrush for Face and Body Art?

Airbrushes are an essential tool for the face and body art industry.  This machine is extremely versatile and will open artistic and creative doors you'd never thought possible.  Aside from body art, your equipment (and separate airbrush) can be used for createx acrylic paint which can paint on almost any object.  You can decorate your shirt, your tent, your kit, grab another separate airbrush and decorate a cake for your next birthday party....and so on.  In body art, it's the most efficient, safe, accurate and magical tool on the market.  It can be intimidating and it does take some training and getting used to, but it much like learning how to drive a stick shift car.  You panic and do awful for the first week and a half, then notice that you're not panicking as much, and before you know it, you're checking your makeup in your rear view mirror, while steering with your knee as not to spill your coffee on your phone which is in your lap not texting. You can airbrush in little steps as well.  When I first started body painting, I painted mostly by hand, but would come in at the very end with an airbrush to just create some added depth by fogging in black makeup in key areas.  Over the years I find I reach for the hand paints less and less, though I still enjoy hand painting, and still think base coating is faster with hand paints than with airbrush....but that's just me.


It's an important skill

When I was on Skin Wars, I was stunned that half of the contestants had never used an airbrush in their art before.  They had to learn right away as there's just no way to paint the way that airbrush lets you paint.   I literally taught Shannon to airbrush, while we painted our first design.  The girls all learned on the fly and did great. Natalie won the first season, and one of her prizes was her own line of EBA airbrush makeup. Love it or hate it, I have learned one key thing; If you want to be competitive as a face and body painter, you have to airbrush.  It will only give you an edge for a while though, as pretty soon, airbrushes will be standard in everyone's kit.   

Disadvantages of Airbrushing

* starting cost can be high

* more equipment

* you need access to power  at your gigs

* liquid paint spills and explodes if not capped properly on the airplane

* airbrushes will be airbrushes....you need to learn to troubleshoot them. (I can teach you)

Advantages of Airbrushing

* ARTISTRY - Gives you an artistic advantage with the ability to create lighting effects, textures, precision, and color fx that are just not possible by hand

** SPEED - there's no way to paint faster.  Face Painters with my company paint 30-40 faces per hour. We maximize our time with the Stencil Eyes system and enhance it with other great stencils from badass stencils, grafitti eyes, tattoo pro and anywhere else we can find.

* ACCURACY - Stencils and Shields allow perfection.  You can custom create stencils with your client's logos (great for beer promos at night clubs) and you can recreate designs easily.  You can teach anyone who works for you to airbrush the designs your company uses most. Makes it a lot easier when you have to paint several people with the same design.

* PERCEPTION - People get a thrill out of the airbrush.  It makes you seem more professional and hygienic (even though it's equally so for your hand painting, lay people just don't know that).  You can (and should) charge more for airbrushing.  

* DURABILITY - How many times have you heard "will they still have this design tomorrow?" with Hybrid, the answer is yes.  Our customers love it.  Tattoos last for days and days.  Face designs do not melt as soon as the kid starts eating some cotton candy or starts running around and sweating.  

*PROFITABILITY - More faces painted per hour = more money per hour.


Airbrush is for you!

I have always found it funny that people want to classify painters as either hand painters or airbrushers. In truth, a real face and body painter should know both, for the same reason as why we learn to do glitter tattoos or split cakes. It's just another in your expanding service for your business. You wouldn't build a house and just use a hammer and no drill ever, would you? A big kit and a diverse skill set will have you prepared for any situation that might occur on a gig. It opens up a much larger market for your business and the possibilities are endless.






Do you have too much money or would you like more? If you're a hand painter and you want to double your income this year, please contact me. I can help set you up to add airbrush face painting to your services. No experience is required! If you can hold a playing card in one hand and a can of hairspray in another, you can airbrush 30-40 faces per hour easily.

























Sean would love the opportunity to help you turn your talent into skill and teach you the ins and outs of the airbrush. Book a workshop by email: info@hyperfocusart.com