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Skull Mastery

The Skull - The most important face you will learn - Join Sean Avram in an artful trek through the bone chilling art of the skull. Sean will demonstrate easy ways to create your own skull designs as he reveals tips and tricks that will make your skulls so much more detailed. Sean will cover the basics such as layout, shading and highlighting, and some extra details that will add those finishing touches to your skull design. From cute and not so scary skulls to horrific pieces of artwork, Sean will show you how to become a master at painting skulls.

This class is ESSENTIAL to any face and body painter.  This class will teach you the fundamentals of the face as well as Sean's dry-brush smudge-shading technique to create mind-boggling detail and depth.  "This face has literally paid my bills for over 10 years", says Sean.  "It doesn't matter if you only want to paint pretty face art designs, there is still going to be a time when you need to know how a skull works, both on the skin, and under it." 


It doesn't matter how "good" of a painter you are.  Sean has taught this face to absolute beginners who have never picked up a sponge and brush!  We are confident that he can teach you and your group.

You can remember this class forever by purchasing Sean's "Skull Mastery" DVD by FABA-TV!  


This class:

Hands on, demo, hand paint, airbrush, all skill levels, DVD available, step by steps included!


Sean has taught this class for several years.  Your competition has probably taken it already....oooh, pressure is on.

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