Hyperfocus Art - Because Face Painting is Awesome

What's in Sean's Kit

Here's a detailed list of what I keep in my kit.  I have the good fortune to be able to test out almost all face and body art products on the market.  My kit is dynamic and flexible and ready to take on any challenge.  I try my best to suit my kit to the task as opposed to the brand.  I swap products in and out from time to time to mix up my creativity and productivity, but in the end, I seem to settle on the following as my go to, do-all tool box.

Sponge and Brush Kit

Hand Paint

  • Wolfe FX - Deep Sea (specialty color), Metalic Blue, Metalic purple, Skinz Pallet, Blight, Old Blood Red (Black and White sometimes...when available), gold, old gold

  • Global - Dark Blue, Deep Green, Standard Yellow, Standard Rose Brown,

  • Chameleon - celedon blue, blood red, wicked green, Strong Black, Pure white, Absynth, wicked green,

  • Tag - Light Green, Metalic Green, Metalic Purple

  • Mehron Paradise AQ - Wild Orchid, Storm Cloud, Teal, Brilliance Silver (argente), black

  • ProAiir Hybrid (also works by hand) - black, white, blood red, blue, green, atomic yellow, purple, teal, florescent orange, hot pink, old blood, ghost



  • Lowel Cornel yellow handles - #0, #1, #4, #6

  • Mark Reid Brushes #4, chisel

  • Lowel Cornel black handle with red stripe #4

  • Silly Farm Feather Brush

  • ¼ flat, ½ flat brush

  • Kubuki brush

  • Mehron body brush, small chisel


Wolfe FX circles cut in half


Any kind I can get


Other Stuff

  • Mehron “lap top” pallet,
  • art tool pallet from walmart,
  • zippered brush holder,
  • faberware snap together bins,
  • hand mirror,
  • micro fiber towel,
  • baby wipes,
  • dip cups,
  • poof bottle for glitter,
  • buisness cards,
  • craft n’ go kit,
  • Mehron Mixing Liquid,
  • Krylon Barrier Spray,
  • Mica powder (Amerkian Body art)
  • Mehron powder silver and gold