Hyperfocus Art - Because Face Painting is Awesome

Face Painting in Hyperdrive

 Hyper-Drive Airbrush Face Painting - the Fastest face painting, the shortest line and waterproof designs!  That's Awesome.

We are proud to introduce a new form of face painting we like to call "Hyper-Drive Face Painting". Some of you have seen this in action already. We use a different technique to greatly decrease the time it takes to paint each face. With Hyper-Drive Face Painting, an airbrush is used with pre-made stencils in simplified classic face paint designs.

These designs are simple and fun, and they have some great benefits too:

  • Double the speed of conventional face painting
  • Water resistant makeup! The makeup we use is water resistant and amazingly robust. This is perfect for pool parties and water parks.
  • Removes easily when you rub liquid soap on first, then rinse with water.
  • The airbrush uses low psi and is very gentle.
  • We have a large array of tattoos available for those who would rather have an arm or hand painted.
  • We are the fastest, which means less waiting in line

Face Painting makes it a party!

This picture says it all.  It is not uncommon for us to paint for hours at a time without ever seeing the end of our line.  Face painting is a very popular compliment to any event.