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Welcome to Hyperfocus Art

We are Vermont's Fun and Professional Specialists in Event Entertainment and Artistic Services. Make your party even more awesome by adding our famous Face Painting, Body Painting, Airbrushed T-Shirts, Pillowcases, Wall Canvases, and more!

NEW! - The Awesome Shop is opening soon for the 2016 holiday season at The University Mall. You can find us right next to Annie's Pretzels!

The Awesome Face Painting

If you've been to a large event or party in the Burlington, VT area in the past 5 years, odds are you've seen us at work!

Our expert face painting is the crown jewel of our services.  Sean and Jana have over 15 years experience.  Sean is considered a master of the industry.  He has been featured in face and body art and makeup magazines, in conventions, workshops, DVD's and even on Prime time TV!

Face and Body Painting is consistently the most popular activity at any party or event.  We can paint in several ways.  If you like the more artistic side of our craft, we can paint extremely elaborate, world-class designs on your guests.  If you have a lot of people to paint, we have a system that allows us to paint more faces per hour than any other face paint company in the state.   Our airbrush system also allows us to offer temporary tattoos, which makes us appealing to simply EVERYONE.  There is a reason why people stand in line for face painting.  It's because face painting is AWESOME!  We will make your party awesome too.

Why choose us?

We paint the best looking faces, in the shortest amount of time, with the highest quality products on the most amount of people per hour.  The makeup we use is safe.  The airbrush makeup we use can last for days if desired, yet cleans up very easily with liquid soap and water.

Why have face painting at your next event?

 You're guests will love you for it..."Because Face Painting is Awesome! "...that makes you awesome by proxy.

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