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BODY PAINTING - Class Descriptions

The art of body painting is exploding!  Whether you've been painting for years or never before, there's a class for you.  Get the inside track on the latest industry info, and benefit from the knowledge and experience that Skin Wars Season 1 contestant, Sean Avram, has collected over the past decade.  

Body Paint Workshops:

 Introduction to Body Painting:  Here is the beginning of your body paint legacy.  This class focuses in on the essentials of body painting.  The class is primarily lecture/demo/presentation in the morning with all of the students painting a project together in the afternoon.  When complete, we will have an awesome body paint master piece for your portfolio.  Information in class will include, where to find models, what products to use, where to paint, how to break in to the professional scene, getting your work published, copywrite and legal issues, health and safety, caring for your model, tricks of the trade, design secrets and the list could go on all day.  This class is great for anyone, especially those who have never body painted before as it will not be your last. 

 Airbrush Boot Camp - Everything you need to know about the useage, cleaning and maintenance of this magical tool.  We will tear the airbrush apart to get an adept understanding of it’s inner workings so that we may troubleshoot the inevitable breakdown your airbrush will occasionally experience.  We will cover the basics of all the capabilities of the airbrush, Line work, dots, shading, and several special tricks and fx that will astound you.  Equipment is provided, or feel free to bring your own stuff.  If you have an airbrush that isn’t working please bring it.  If Sean can’t fixit, no one can.

Airbrush Body Painting - Depth and Detail - This class is all about the thousands of little details you can add with airbrush techniques to give your designs that extra punch.  You will learn advanced special FX and airbrush tricks.  Render clouds, horns, teeth, skulls, graveyards, dragons and perfect trees and forests, outer space, flames, metal and more.  We will also go over advanced stencil technique, and crafting your own stencils.  This class is a bit more advanced, and attendees will find it most useful if they have general knowledge of the airbrush.

Body Painting - Depth and Detail - This class specializes on mastering jaw-dropping depth and rendering mind-blowing detail.  You will learn hands on, techniques that will give your face and body art an extra dimension.  This class will include both hand painting as well as airbrushing techniques.  You will paint your model along with Sean as he takes you through some awesome designs step by step.  By the end of class you will have an excellent piece for your portfolio.  

 Body Painting - Clothing - This class is a great way to start body painting.  Faux clothing is a very popular, effective and fun body paint design.  In this class, we will cover everything from satin highlights to metal buttons.  By the end of the class, you will be able to craft realistic folds, seams, lace, drop shadows, buttons, ribbon, and more.  This class will use both sponge and brush as well as airbrush techniques.

 Body Painting - UV and invisible UV - Not afraid of the dark?  Do you love that eerie, fun glow of ultra-violet light?  This class is for you.  UV light body painting creates fantastic images that cannot be duplicated in normal light.  There is a system that also needs to be followed to achieve the best look in this style of painting.  Sean will start with the basics and move on from there.  We will create bold designs in 3D and will learn the magic of “Ghost” by ProAiir...this makeup is invisible in regular light but glows in UV!  You will learn all you need to know to begin airbrushing, nothing, that’s something, there but not there.  

Illustrations in Face and Body Art - This class is great for beginners and advance painters alike. Have you hit your plateau? Have you perfected your butterfly face and are ready to really kick your game up a notch? Are you ready to enter body painting contests at a convention near you? Illustration can be just the thing you need. Learn to craft intricate designs with stunning depth and detail. A picture says a thousand words, time to leave your audience speechless.

Here be Dragons- Dragons are insanely popular anywhere you go.  This class is all about waking the inner dragon.. Learn several dragon designs and secrets to painting dragons and a few other mythological figures in this course. There’s dragon designs of every size from cheek art to full body painting.  

 Body Painted Superheroes - Master the art of the modern day super hero.  Sean will teach you the ins and outs of creating life-like realistic body painted superheroes.  You will learn texture, composition, how to shade muscles, both realistically and in the comic book inked fashion.  Tips on creating your own superheroes.  Adding craft foam accents to punch up your designs and how to photograph your master piece.