Hyperfocus Art - Because Face Painting is Awesome

Body Painting for Portfolio


 Thursday, February 26th - Bodypainting 


Things to Do Before Class:

  • Join the super secret society of  attendees of the class on Facebook.   If you have already registered please feel free to email Jana if Sean hasn't sent you an invite yet
  • Think of an idea of a design you would like to add to your portfolio.  Sean will help you if you need any ideas.  Having a design in mind will also allow him to know some of the  key areas that may be focused upon in class.
  • Line up a model - this is easier than you may think.  Post on Facebook and get the word spread around.  There are many people who would love to be body painted and photographed for free by you.  Everyone wants you to succeed, it's body painting, it's awesome.


If you don't know how to ask people to be body painted, feel free to clip and paste the following, then send it in a message to a friend.

Hi my friend!

I am very excited about taking a body painting course in February.  I need to find a model for this and immediately thought of you!  You'd get an awesome photographs, an awesome experience and will be famous for at least a day!

Please let me know if you're interested.  Thanks for your time!


Now send that to everyone.


Your Kit

  • This is an all hands on deck, gung-ho and good to go, painting class.  Bring your usual kit.  In the end, it's the painter, not the kit that makes the difference.  Dotsy's will be there as well with awesome stuff to sell.
  • If you have an airbrush, please bring it.  You may as well learn on your own device, but feel free to test ours out.  

Equipment Available

  • We will have a number of airbrushes and a compressor available if you would like to try airbrush and do not presently own one.  



Sean's Kit (aka - stuff he can't live without)

  • Airbrushes:
  • bottom feed airbrushes (similar to IWATA eclypse BCS
  • Pro Aiir Hybrid (enter the name Sean in the coupon field for a discount!)
  • Quick connect 
  • Iwata Smart Jet Pro Compressor
  • Stencils/Shields:
  • Bad Ass Stencils ()
  • ShowOffs BodyArt (
  • Freehand
  • Texture FX
  • Sponge n' Brush:
  • Wolfe, Global, Tag, Cameleon, Paradise AQ, Dips
  • Split Cakes
  • Brushes - Body Chisel, Round #1, #4, #6, mark Reid chisel "smudge brush", Script liner, various flats
  • Wolfe FX sponges
  • Glitterter/Powders/mica etc...lots


Agenda (subject to change...aka...correction)


9:30 - intro/what to expect

9:50 - basics and essentials/ terminology definition

10:00 - Colour, depth, application and technique - This is a step-by-step, Paint along with Sean on your model.  Sean will take a vote the day of as to what design we’ll paint.

11:30 - 12:30 - Body paint prep, review - when everyone’s set up

12:30 - 1:00 - lunch

1:00 - 4:30 - painting your model

4:30 - 5:30 - Essentials for photographing body art demo and photo session.  Review and Thank yous.

6:15pm - SUSHI and BEER (you’re treat, I’m famous) :)