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Class Descriptions

 Airbrush Boot Camp - Everything you need to know about the useage, cleaning and maintenance of this magical tool.  We will tear the airbrush apart to get an adept understanding of it’s inner workings so that we may troubleshoot the inevitable breakdown your airbrush will occasionally experience.  We will cover the basics of all the capabilities of the airbrush, Line work, dots, shading, and several special tricks and fx that will astound you.  Equipment is provided, or feel free to bring your own stuff.  If you have an airbrush that isn’t working please bring it.  If Sean can’t fix it, no one can...ask around though :) 

All I know about Airbrush Body Painting

Airbrushes are an essential tool for the face and body art industry.  This machine is extremely versatile and will open artistic and creative doors you'd never thought possible.  Aside from body art, your equipment (and separate airbrush) can be used for createx acrylic paint which can paint on almost any object.  You can decorate your shirt, your tent, your kit, grab another separate airbrush and decorate a cake for your next birthday party....and so on.  In body art, it's the most efficient, safe, accurate and magical tool on the market.  It can be intimidating and it does take some training and getting used to, but it much like learning how to drive a stick shift car.  You panic and do aweful for the first week and a half, then notice that you're not panicing as much, and before you know it, you're checking your makeup in your rearview mirror, while stearing with your knee as not to spill your coffee on your phone which is in your lap not texting. You can airbrush in little steps as well.  When I first started body painting, I painted mostly by hand, but would come in at the very end with an airbrush to just create some added depth by fogging in black makeup in key areas.  Over the years I find I reach for the hand paints less and less, though I still enjoy hand painting, and still think base coating is faster with hand paints than with airbrush....


It's an important skill

When I was on Skin Wars, I was stunned that half of the contestants had never used an airbrush in their art before.  They had to learn right away as there's just no way to paint the way that airbrush lets you paint.   I literally taught Shannon to airbrush, while we painted our first design.  The girls all learned on the fly and did great.  But they learned one key thing; If you want to be competitive, you have to airbrush.  It will only give you an edge for a while though, as pretty soon, airbrushes will be standard in everyone's kit.   

Disadvantages of Airbrushing


* starting cost can be high

* more equipment

* you need access to power  at your gigs

* liquid paint spills and explodes if not capped properly on the airplane

* airbrushes will be airbrushes....you need to learn to troubleshoot them.

Advantages of Airbrushing

* Gives you an artistic advantage with the ability to create lighting effects, textures, precision, and color fx that are just not possible by hand

** SPEED - there's no way to paint faster.  Face Painters with my company paint 30-40 faces per hour.  Its not uncommon for people to come back at the end for a tattoo or a second design.

* ACCURACY - Stencils and Shields allow perfection.  You can custom create stencils with your client's logos (great for beer promos at night clubs) and you can recreate designs easily.  You can teach anyone who works for you to airbrush the designs your company uses most.

* PERCEPTION - People get a thrill out of the airbrush.  It makes you seem more professional and hygienic (even though it's equally so for your hand painting, lay people just don't know that).  You can (and should) charge more for airbrushing.  

* DURABILITY - How many times have you heard "will they still have this design tomorrow?" with Hybrid, the answer is yes.  Our customers love it.  Tattoos last for days and days.  Face designs do not melt as soon as the kid starts eating some cotton candy or starts running around and sweating.  


What to Buy

The first thing to consider is what will the purpose of your airbrush be?  If you want to paint a high volume event, festival or fair and you want to paint around the 30 faces/hour mark, you should definitely invest in a multiple airbrush set up.  If you are going to paint a few bodies from time to time, then you can get away with a single airbrush set up.

Types of Airbrushes

Siphon/Bottle Feed

This is an Iwata Eclipse BSC.  If I only had one airbrush it would be one of these.  They can do everything.  I have used this exact model to paint tiny swirls on people's faces and a 2000 square foot mural in a gymnasium.  They can do it all.  



Gravity Feed

This is an Iwata Eclipse CS.  These are great if you are doing tattoos, fine art, careful body painting.  They allow you to mix in the cup on the fly, you can also put just a few drops of paint in at a time.  



*****Needle Size - Make sure you always get at least a 0.05 needle/nozzle for body painting!!!!  The pigments are larger and smaller airbrushes are just not practical.*****

Other Stuff:

  • Quick Connect - 1 female end for your hose and 1 male end for each airbrush.  This allows you to have one hose and saves you from needing a manifold, and a separate hose for each airbrush.

  • Hoses - Braided hoses are the best.  Master Airbrush Hoses are the cheapest and I’ve yet to see the difference between them and Iwata hoses.  Sometimes, hoses come included with your airbrush.  You can keep them, or you can give them to your sibling...because, you know….Bros before Hose.

  • Cleaning Kit - Make sure to have some cleaning solution (for makeup use 91%alcohol) in a little capped nozzle bottle as well as enough to soak your airbrushes when they need a deep cleaning. Dental Picks and little white brushes work well. I also use my old guitar strings from time to time. The bottom "E" string is around the same size as the holes in my airbrushes.

  • Paper towels and Baby Wipes - Paper towels make awesome sketch pads. I once sold a paper towel with a sketch of a dragon on it for $2. Baby wipes are also essential, make sure you avoid the "unscented" and "aloe vera" type if you're using ProAiir. They will not work as well to clean up Hybrid makeup as the scented variety will.

  • Teflon Tape - this is cheap, plumber's tape found in any hardware store. Use this to wrap your threaded hose connections to ensure your air line is as tight as possible. It only takes a little, do not mummify your connections.

  • Gloves - Nitrile gloves will keep paint off your stencil-holding hand. I get mine on Amazon.

  • The insert to a Girl Guide's Samoan box - It sounds crazy but these make awesome airbrush holders. The flimsy plastic shelf that these cookies come in actually fit airbrushes with male quick connects attached perfectly. You can even put the whole thing back into the cardboard box for transportation. What do you do with all the cookies you may ask? We now offer a free service of cookie collecting. Send them care of "Sean E Bravo" to 24 Shadow Lane, Hinesburg vt 05461.

  • Spare stenciling material - Keep some mylar, pellon or plain old regular binder dividers as well as some razor blades on hand just in case you need to make a stencil on the fly.

  • Stencils! - You need a good arsenal of stencils to maximize your time and effort.  Face paint like a pro with Stencil Eyes from Pro Aiir, tattoo like a pro with Tattoo Pro Stencils, be a total bad ass with bad ass stencils, don't forget the graffiti eyes and just about everything arttool and chicago airbrush supply makes.

  • Accordian File - Find yourself a nice sized file box that can stand up and squish as flat as possible.  These are essential in keeping your stencils organized and safe.  

  • Manifold - Sometimes you may want or need to have multiple hoses attached to your air source.  In this case, a manifold is what you need. These come in every size and shape.  This one will work well for you. 


Holster - There’s nothing harder to put down or keep from falling than an airbrush.  These holsters are awesome.





Airbrush Make ups

Day to Day Standard Face and Body Painting:  I use and recommend, Hybrid by ProAiir.

Proaiir Hybrid is AWESOME!


ProAiir Hybrid is perfect for almost any face and body art application. Hybrid is waterproof, smells like green apple, easy to spray, smudge-proof, vibrant, and easy to remove.  People with bouncy castles love to have our face painting at events because the designs do not end up smeared on the floors of their property.  It allows us to paint where we never could before such as water parks and pool parties. Ever have a parent ask if his kid could, “wear it to school tomorrow”?  Well, now the answer is “Yes!” People see the value in that.  Artistically, it’s the brightest paint out there.  It keeps it’s vibrancy for as long as it’s on.  And the best part, in my opinion, is that out of all the makeups out there, Hybrid paints like airbrush paint paints...and that means almost every airbrush trick I know is directly transferable to body art.  It is also easy to clean.  It works great with low psi, which means it works great for faces.Hybrid also works with all other face and body paint makeups. It can stand alone as the only thing in your kit but It doesn't necessarily have to be a replacement to anything, it will always be an enhancement.


Airbrush Tattoos: Pro Aiir Inks


Do you want to Tattoo like a pro? ProAiir also has a line of inks that work perfectly with Wiser Oner's brilliant TATTOO PRO system. This product is for airbrush tattoos designed to be on the body, as opposed to the face and not used in full body applications usually. This product will last for days but can be removed with rubbing alcohol. The secret to its longevity is preparation of the skin (clean with a wet ones wipe) apply the artwork and then douse it with Mehron Setting powder. Baby powder works as well.